Production Audi quattro could be more extreme than either of the two recent concepts

Audi has teased us with two stunning quattro sports-car concepts over the past four years, but it’s continually waffled on a decision to put one into production.

The RS 5-based quattro arrived in 2010, followed by the hybrid Sport quattro in 2013, and now it seems Audi is once again considering a production model.

At the Los Angeles Auto Show last week, Audi design director Marc Lichte told Autocar that the quattro project is “still alive,” and could turn out to be more extreme than either of the two concepts.

Considering that the Sport quattro concept’s twin-turbocharged V8 and electric motor already put out a combined 700 horsepower, that’s a tall order.

Lichte didn’t go into details, but a plug-in hybrid powertrain like the Sport quattro’s seems like a possibly at least, considering that Audi already has plans to produce a plug-in version of virtually every model it makes.

It’s also unclear where the quattro will fit in Audi’s lineup in relation to the R8, which is getting a redesign for 2016 that will reportedly include e-tron all-electric and plug-in hybrid versions.

Is there room in Audi’s lineup for two high-performance coupes?

Whether or not that makes sense as a business case, Audi fans will surely find room in their hearts alongside the R8 for a reborn quattro.

The original Coupe quattro essentially defined Audi, introducing the brand’s trademark all-wheel drive and giving it credibility by winning a slew of World Rally Championships.

That heritage, combined the supercar-like performance hinted at by Lichte, could make the new quattro something to covet.