Audi adding another member to the family with all-new Q8 luxury crossover

Audi Q7

Just about a year ago Audi discontinued sales of the V8-powered Q7 and many of us wondered why. It left the Mercedes-Benz GL full-size luxury SUV virtually without any competition in the marketplace — save the Cadillac Escalade, which we don’t consider a real competitor at that level anyway.

Now CAR is reporting that Audi has confirmed plans to build a new Q8 luxury crossover and suddenly the Q7 V8 drop is beginning to make some more sense.

The Q8 will likely be a more coupe-like crossover based upon the A7 platform. Rumors already circulated about a Q6 four-door coupe crossover much like BMWs X6. The Q8 would essentially be a bigger, more luxurious take on that same idea. The Q8 will be powered by V6s and V8s, both gasoline and diesel. CAR is also reporting that Audi already has plans for an RS high-performance model of the Q8 making it  huge, but also powerful.

With talks of a range-topping A9 four-door coupe and a compact car that would be even smaller than the A1, Audi is essentially doing everything it can to increase sales while also keeping up with the Joneses. Now that the new Range Rover is out and BMW and Mercedes are hard at work concocting all kinds of crossovers, Audi must do the same.

We’re quite excited by the news of the Q8. We think the A7, upon which the Q8 will be based, is one of the best looking vehicles of the last decade. If its outward appearance is any indication of what the Q8 might look like, it’ll be a stunning beast for sure and certainly better looking than the monstrously ugly BMW X6.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated with any and all Q8 information as more comes available in the following months. We wouldn’t be surprised if we didn’t see at least a concept rendering for the Geneva Auto Show next year.