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Shots fired! Audi taunts Mercedes and BMW with hilarious Wi-Fi IDs in New York

Audi A4
Everyone loves a clever Wi-Fi network name (looking at you, LAN Before Time), but rarely are they used as an educational or promotional tool. At the 2016 New York Auto Show, that all changed.

To teach the masses about the all-new A4, Audi has set up a handful of Wi-Fi networks around NYC’s Javits Center, each with its own SSID that pokes fun at the A4’s competitive set. Mercedes and BMW are the targets this time around, but if the marketing campaign goes well, we could see all-out Wi-Fi wars breaking out between brands at auto shows to come. The news comes from our friends over at SlashGear.

Auto show Internet connections are notoriously unreliable, but Audi says at least 10 of its networks will be available at any given time, each one tailored to highlight a particular feature of the new A4. More specifically, the SSID’s point out where the compact executive car outshines rivals like the Mercedes-Benz C300 or BMW 328i, in areas like horsepower and torque, infotainment capabilities, or various safety systems.

Audi WiFi

“A4 HP > 328,” one network reads. “A4 RearCam. C300 No,” says another.

The brand claims that its networks can manage 2,000 connections at one time, a statement that will surely be tested during the event’s famously frantic press days and public showcases. To keep the promotion interesting for fans, Audi will rotate the SSID’s throughout the week.

Wi-Fi isn’t the only thing on Audi’s mind in New York though, and that’s because the German brand will also take the wraps off the 2017 R8 Spyder in the Big Apple. The droptop performance car is expected to feature the same powertrain options as the hardtop — either a 540-horsepower V10 or a 610-hp V10 — both of which will surely entice supercar fans who like a little wind in their hair.

Audi’s press conference is scheduled for 1:20 pm ET on March 23, so for the full scoop, stay tuned to DT Cars.

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