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Audi releases teaser image of the all-electric Q6, reconfirms Q8 flagship

Audi Q6 teaser
With the debut of the new R8, Q7, Prologue piloted driving concept, and much more, Audi has had a busy year. And with 11 new models targeted to arrive by 2020, the German brand’s frenetic pace isn’t likely to let up any time soon.

The manufacturer’s latest addition to grab headlines is the Q6, an all-electric SUV expected to show up before the end of 2017.

As we reported last week, the vehicle will ride on Audi’s second-generation MLB platform alongside the Q7 and target the upcoming Tesla Model X SUV.

At the company’s annual press conference, Audi’s R&D Chief Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg discussed the car alongside the official teaser image (above). The news was first reported by Autocar.

“The Q6 will come,” said Hackenberg. “It will be something new, following designs established on the Prologue concept. It will be positioned as something more emotional and more sporty than the Q7. The Q7 will be a car for seven people, the Q6 will be more coupe-like.”

So while its electric powertrain pits it against Tesla’s falcon-winged five-door, its body style will encourage cross shopping with the likes of the Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe and BMW X6. The Q6 will reportedly have a range of around 185 miles.

Dr. Hackenberg and Co. also detailed the Q8 SUV, a flagship model positioned above the Q7 in Audi’s lineup.

The vehicle has reportedly been awarded production approval and hopes to hit dealerships before 2018.

Crowning the automaker’s SUV range, the Q8 will be over 16 feet long and start around $75,000. Entry-level models will equip a 3.0-liter turbo V6 while the range-topping RS version will feature a twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8. Given Audi’s recent penchant with electrification, a variety of diesel, electric, and hybrid variants are sure to show up as well.

As far as styling, the Q8 will be larger, sleeker, and sportier than the current Q7, with both five and seven-seat layouts available. Like the Q7, aluminum and carbon fiber-reinforced plastic will help the big SUV stay efficient, with a projected curb weight of less than 4,400 pounds.

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