Audi Urban Concept car

While the latest Audi concept car, dubbed the Urban Concept, won’t be barreling down the Autobahn at breakneck speeds, the tiny two-seat car made of carbon fiber and featuring an exposed suspension certainly looks the part.

But it isn’t necessarily all dressed up and nowhere to go with Audi’s latest concept creation. Under the tiny hood the Urban Concept offers just 20 horsepower, it weighs only 480kg (just over 1,000 pounds) and features a racy pushrod suspension, giving it quite the grab around corners.

Powering the Urban Concept is 7.1kWh battery pack that is inductively charged ( meaning there is no need to plug it in at the end of the day). And while a 45 mile radius will limit your forays outside of town, it is called the Urban Concept, after all, there is potential for extended range models in the future. 

Audi has developed two versions of the Urban Concept, a Sportback (with roof) and a Spyder (without) but hasn’t stated when or if either will see production.