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Make your car smart with Automatic’s most affordable device yet

automatic lite device less obd port 2
By now, you’ve probably seen, or at least heard of, Automatic, a firm that is working to add smart technology to older cars with the help of a little device that plugs into your vehicle’s diagnostics port.

Earlier this year, Automatic released Automatic Pro, its most advance device yet, which added 3G connectivity to the already impressive lineup of features seen in its predecessor. At $130 though, the device was a bit pricier than previous generations, and not everyone needs the fancy features. For some, logging your miles and keeping up with detailed fuel mileage is more than enough.

For that reason, Automatic has released Automatic Lite, a more affordable option that drops application support and a few other features as a trade-off for a more affordable price point.


Automatic says the device is brand new, but you wouldn’t notice if from the looks of it — or even the capabilities. Automatic Lite features the same white and silver design as the first and second generation of Automatic devices and seems to have practically identical features.

When connected to its iOS or Android app and plugged into your vehicle’s OBD II port, Automatic Lite decodes engine issues in plain English, breaks down fuel usage, and tracks your mileage for either personal or business use.


As seen in the above comparison, it doesn’t feature the 3G connectivity or integrated app support. But at $80, a full $40 cheaper than it’s Pro counterpart, it represents a considerably fair trade-off.

If all you’re looking to do is keep your business miles separate from your personal miles, or get better stats on your vehicle’s fuel consumption, the Automatic Lite is your way to go. As we’ve said before, it’s essentially a FitBit for your car.

Once it’s in place, you’ll hardly notice it’s there and for $80, it’ll likely pay for itself over time by making you more aware of your driving habits and how they affect fuel use.

To order an Automatic Lite and to find out more, you can head on over to its product page.

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