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The BBC is reportedly in talks with a new Top Gear ‘dream team’ trio

Jodie Kidd Maserati
Each piece of the shattered world of Top Gear continues to live on as its own entity like the enchanted broom in Fantasia, including the show itself. With the original trio of presenters certainly not returning any time soon, a few specific British TV personalities have been tapped as potential hosts for the next incarnation of Top Gear.

According to a report in the UK’s Sunday Express, it looks like BBC bosses are in talks to secure Philip Glenister, Jodie Kidd, and Guy Martin as the new “dream team.”

In the immediate aftermath of Clarkson’s “fracas” incident, the BBC’s Director General stated that the show would go on in some form. The show’s executive producer confirmed his departure, as did the show’s frontrunners, and this left a big question mark as to just what that format the show would now take on. From the UK’s Sunday Express’s report, it looks like those in charge will continue to favor the “three presenters” model, albeit with a more dynamic lineup.

These names may be unfamiliar considering they are primarily British celebrities, but each have certain attributes that would lend themselves to the world’s biggest motoring show.

Philip Glenister Ashes to Ashes BBC
Philip Glenister BBC

Actor Philip Glenister is most famous for his role as Gene Hunt, the Chief Inspector of police in the mysterious time-hopping cop dramas Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes. The beloved character was very Clarkson-esque, preferring to be old-fashioned, quick to a punch, and drive cars very fast. Glenister has more recently taken on the duties as a presenter on the show For The Love Of Cars, where he and his co-presenter Ant Anstead discover and restore classic British Automobiles.

Model and TV presenter Jodie Kidd would be the show’s first female host, and it wouldn’t be just for her looks. Kidd actively participates in racing events and has done more than a few Gumball 3000 rallies. She currently presents a similar show to Top Gear that focuses exclusively on vintage rides appropriately dubbed The Classic Car Show. 

Guy Martin
Guy Martin Guy Martin Racing

Guy Martin is a motorcycle racer who between professional racing spends time in front of the camera as the presenter for numerous television series focused around engineering and speed. He would bring a clear level of racing credentials to the show seen only in the hands of the Stig.

Whether any of this is true or not is yet to be seen, but the Express also states that former producer Andy Wilman had been overheard describing the lineup. Clarkson himself has even reportedly met Jodie Kidd for lunch, but they are known to be acquainted. She even took part in one of Clarkson’s non-Top Gear DVD’s, Thriller.

The powers at the BBC want Top Gear to be back on the air as early as next spring, so we’ll certainly be hearing more about the show’s fate before the end of the year.

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