Be the first to arrive at the prom with this stretch V10 Audi R8 limo

Audi R8 Stretch LimoThe Audi R8 has been showered with love since its launch a couple of years ago, garnering incredible reviews from the leading press. For example, Auto Express said it was a “masterpiece” and had an “unmatched blend of comfort and handling”, while Evo called it a “true 911 alternative.” High praise indeed.

So, surely such a lithe, nimble and downright gorgeous car would be the last on the list to be converted into a limousine. Hummers, Lincoln Town Cars and the like are all fair game, after all, they didn’t really offer driving nirvana even before 20 feet was added to their length.

But this hasn’t stopped Limo Broker in the UK from announcing their plans to stretch an Audi R8 into an 8-seater behemoth. The car, a world first, will retain the 5.2l V10 that would normally propel the car to more than 190mph, but will lose not only its wonderful handling, but any shred of dignity too.

Rather than the traditional bench or L-shaped seating arrangement found in similar cars, the R8 limo will use individual bucket seats, and getting in and out will be facilitated by the addition of four gullwing doors, two down either side.

Initially expected to be be completed after summer, Limo Brokers says the “overwhelming response” they’ve had since announcing the car, has prompted them to finish it in the next 3 or 4 months. In a small way, we suppose this article has only spurred them on a little more. Sorry about that.