Ford keeps the love spark alive in your relationship with new BeCouply app

Ford SYNC BeCouplyWe love tech innovations, especially those that make life easier. But the new Ford SYNC app, BeCouply, which uses nearby restaurant and entertainment venue data to suggest date ideas for users, perhaps takes tech integration a little too far.

Ford understands that most dates begin with one half of a pair picking up the other. The two designers of the app, Becky Cruze and Pius Uzamere, figured they could use the vast information bank built into the SYNC system to help empty-headed couples plan a date. Because let’s be honest, there’s nothing quite like demonstrating your commitment and romancing skills than asking your car for date suggestions.

For the app to work, users simply push the voice button on the steering wheel and say, for example, “What are some good date ideas nearby?” In response SYNC will list suitable date ideas, such as “Have brunch” or “Go bowling.” When a user hears an idea that sparks his or her interest, he or she simply asks, “Where can we [go bowling]?” SYNC will then recommend nearby bowling alleys.

We sincerely wonder though, how this sort of app will affect couples in a burgeoning relationship. If your significant other picked you up for a date only to ask his or her car for suggestions on where to take you for the evening, would you be impressed or horrified? If the date went well would you credit the person that took you or the car?

Perhaps Ford should call the app, not “BeCouply,” but instead, the “AcidTest.” If your date doesn’t immediately get out of the car and walk back into the house you know you’ve found yourself a keeper – or at least a Ford SYNC fan.