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Behind the Wheel episode 1: Martell Webster’s Tesla Model X

We push the limits of Tesla Model X's autonomous mode with a former NBA player

In the premiere episode of Digital Trend’s series Behind the Wheel, our resident exotic car expert, Tim Walbridge, teams up with his longtime friend and former NBA player Martell Webster to put Webster’s Tesla Model X through its paces. This Model X is lowered and sports custom Vossen wheels, a full paint wrap from 503 Motoring, and a sound system boosted by an aftermarket subwoofer.

The Model X is an SUV like no other. It’s $150,000 making it one of the most expensive on the planet and Martell’s is one of the first 1000 delivered. It looks like a spaceship and accelerates like a supercar when in Ludicrous mode.

Behind the Wheel

Digital Trend’s video series, Behind the Wheel, takes you inside some of the fastest, most exotic, and most unique cars on the planet. Join host Tim Walbridge as he shares his expertise and excitement for cars. You’re along for the ride in modern supercars like the McLaren 720S, American classics including a restomodded ’48 Ford Convertible, and everything in between. Celebrity guests regularly get behind the wheel with Tim and share their favorite car stories.

The most advanced SUV on the planet can drive itself and Martell loves to take full advantage of the autopilot feature. He’s even been seen rolling down the highway with his size 18 feet hanging out the window. Autopilot does have its limits, as we found out. Tesla engineered the system to disable certain features if the driver appears to not be paying enough attention.

Another fun element in the Model X is all of the Easter eggs hidden in the menus of the massive touchscreen control system. Unfortunately, when Tim puts the Model X navigation in Mars Rover mode, they lose the ability to actually know where they are and where they’re headed.

Tim Walbridge is the president and founder of 503 Motoring, a luxury and exotic car dealership and customization center in Portland, Oregon. With over 20 years of industry experience, Tim has driven just about every exotic — and not so exotic — car there is. His expertise and down-to-earth attitude show in all of his projects, including hosting Behind the Wheel.

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