Bentley considers building custom one-off cars for well-heeled customers

Ferrari is becoming more invested in the custom-car game with projects like the F12 TRS, and soon Bentley may follow suit.

The British carmaker’s sales and marketing chief told Autocar that Bentley sees potential in one-off cars with custom bodywork placed over the architecture of existing models.

Such an operation would actually bring Bentley back to its roots.

It’s one of the few luxury carmakers still around that existed during the golden age of coachbuilding, when the manufacturer often supplied nothing but a bare chassis to be clothed in custom bodywork by another company.

That produced cars that were truly unique, and Bentley’s modern customers surely have an appreciation for that.

The customization program could build on existing bespoke operations like the Bentley Studio and Mulliner, which built the limited-edition Mulsanne 95 and is itself named after coach builder Mulliner Park Ward.

These programs feed the need of Bentley buyers to stand out, and burn cash. The carmaker wouldn’t say how much a one-off vehicle would cost, but noted that it would be aimed at consumers for whom money is no object.

Building custom cars for the obscenely wealthy is reportedly no more than an idea at the moment, but Bentley is very interested in the concept. So don’t be surprised if you see an unrecognizable shape wearing the Flying “B” hood ornament waft past you on an upcoming commute.