Bentley axes plans for a Mulsanne Convertible, defies its long-bodied lineage

bentley defies its long bodied lineage and axes plans for a mulsanne convertible concept cropped 3 2

Bentley has chosen profits over pedigree and axed the Mulsanne Convertible to instead focus on an SUV.

Bad news Bentley fans. The Mulsanne Convertible won’t be going into production. I know. I am crying in my cashmere, too.

Back in march we reported that Bentley brass was still deciding if the brand needed a Mulsanne convertible. With a 6.75-liter twin-turbocharged V8 under the hood from the Mulsanne sedan, the convertible would have produced 505 horsepower and 725 pound-feet of torque, which would be more than enough to move the long-wheel base convertible with great conviction.

Unfortunately, Bentley CEO Wolfgang Schreiber confirmed to Car and Driver that the bespoke British automaker would in fact not be producing the cogent convertible. “We will not do that car,” Schreiber said.

Ultimately, Bentley didn’t feel there was enough demand for such an undertaking. “The demand for a Mulsanne convertible is just regional,” Schreiber added. “So if it would come, it would be very successful in the U.S. and maybe some regions in Europe, but I think that will not be enough demand for a good business case.”

What this really means is that Bentley is far more interested in looking forward with its forthcoming SUV than looking backward to a car that follows its long-bodied lineage.

If you did want a humongous English drop-top – you know, one bigger than the Continental Convertible – your only choice now is the Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead. And if you ask us, that’s a far better looking beast anyhow.