Bentley video hints at sleeker and chicer Flying Spur for 2014

Bentley Flying Spur teaser

Bentley has released a very limited look at the upcoming 2014 Flying Spur. The photo confirms the sedan will indeed have a roof, four doors, and at least one side view mirror. Thankfully, the arty video accompaniment shows a bit more, like interior detail and wheels.

What we can tell from the picture and video is that we like the updated bodylines. One of our major complaints of recent  Bentleys  is that they simply look like big cars. A comparable Rolls Royce, on the other hand, stands out and makes a design statement. Bentleys – to us –looked like someone handed an imagination-less man a pencil and told him to draw a “car.” Bentley then took those soulless renderings and put them into production. The Flying Spur seems to be bucking that trend and finally includes some visual character.

Bentley Flying Spur teaser outline

Bentley promises more information will be released on February 20th, just a few weeks after the Geneva Auto Show.

Until the 20th, here’s what we do know: the Flying Spur has dropped the Continental moniker and has most likely picked up a base-model V8 engine. We expect the V8 to produce somewhere around 500 horsepower and to be mated to the Bentley eight-speed automatic transmission. In standard Bentley form, power will be sent to all four wheels.

The W12 engine will undoubtedly be included as an optional upgrade on the new model, which will produce somewhere around 552 horsepower.

From what we can see of the interior, Bentley has spared no expense achieving its iconic levels of bespoke craftsmanship.

 We can also tell that Bentley is trying to garner global attention with its teaser video. With so many international scenes, it’s clear Bentley wants the 2014 Flying Spur to be a world-class vehicle. This is only a bit surprising because Bentley sells more cars here in the U.S. than anywhere else.

We’ll be waiting with bated breath as the 20th ticks closer. When we learn more of the new Bentley luxury sedan, we’ll bring it to you.