The 10 best motorcycle helmets will help you stay safe and stylish on the road

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Since the early 1900s, motorcycle helmets have evolved nearly as much as the bikes themselves. Crash helmets used to be simple canvas domes covered in brittle shellac, but current lids are comfortable, safe, and connected in ways never before thought possible.

The process of choosing one can be confusing, however. The market is flooded with countless options with different styles and price points, but fear not, we’re here to help. Here are our picks for the best motorcycle helmets of 2017.

Scorpion EXO AT950

best motorcycle helmets scorpion exo at950 lifestyle

The Scorpion EXO AT950 incorporates the functionality an adventure rider expects in a modular helmet, resulting in a lid worthy of the title “jack-of-all-trades.” The extra-large shield provides an enhanced field of view, and it’s removable for use with goggles. The visor is removable as well, allowing the EXO AT950 to go from long-distance tourer to off-roader with a few quick adjustments.

Price: $290
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Scorpion Sports Inc.


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Oftentimes, the phrase “bold new graphics” is synonymous with “calling it in.” In the case of the HJC RPHA 11, however, the new graphics are as significant as the helmet itself. By doubling a number of vents, redesigning the shell shape, reducing weight, and providing emergency removable cheek pads, the RPHA 11 cements itself in the top-tier race helmet category. Improvements like these normally come with significant cost. At $400, however, the RPHA 11 seems like the deal of the year. So if you happen to be headed out for an afternoon of canyon carving or track day dominance — even if it’s followed by a little cosplay at your local convention — look no further than the RPHA 11.

Price: $360
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Biltwell Lanesplitter

best motorcycle helmets biltwelllanesplitter

Available in the spring, the Biltwell Lanesplitter is a piece of headgear even the Fonz would have donned. In perfect Biltwell style, the Lanesplitter is a no-frills, quality piece of protection with a few key aesthetics. The Lanesplitter is sure to tempt those riders currently looking to up their villain game. Coming in at a cool $250, the Lanesplitter also sits well below its Simpson Bandit inspiration. Ability to wheelie your Harley not included.

Price: $250
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Bitwell Inc.

AGV Pista GP-R Gran Premio

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AGV has taken the bonkers Pista GP and added an R. In addition to the R, AGV has added a hydration system and an even bigger spoiler. The hydration system uses a Camelbak Gate Mouth and ties into whatever bladder you choose. The new spoiler is split into two layers to allow for even better airflow, which helps extract more air out of the helmet, as well as better aerodynamics for when you’re cruising at a cool 180 miles per hour. Now, if all that doesn’t knock your socks off, the price to play the Pista GP-R game will. At $1,100, AGV has made sure that the air flowing over that new spoiler will be quite rare indeed.

Price: $1,180
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AGV Corsa-R

best motorcycle helmets agv corsa r lifestyle

The little brother of the Pista GP-R, the Corsa-R has also received notable updates. The face shield is now the same 5-millimeter thick, class 1, optically correct piece pulled straight from the Pista GP-R. Also new to the AGV is the Corsa-R’s reversible liner, which has a plush side for colder climates and a wicking side for hot days. Even the Pista GP-R doesn’t have that. With so much of its big brother’s DNA, one would expect the price to be higher, but at $700, you get a substantial discount. For a few extra bucks, riders can also choose a Corsa-R decorated with the flair of pro riders like Guy Martin and Valentino Rossi.

Price: $722
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Schuberth R2

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Being the proud owner of a Schuberth has always meant you were willing to drop north of $600 on a helmet. With the advent of the R2, however, those days are gone. Sitting at $480 and available this spring, buyers will be privy to the technology normally found at the upper end of Schuberth’s price points. In addition to high-end build quality and comfort, riders will gain access to an integrated antenna, speakers, and a microphone. Utilizing these components requires the additional purchase of the SRC system that, in a nutshell, is a communicator interfaced into the neck roll. For an extra $230, you get a communications system that is virtually invisible, and comparable in price to other comms on the market.

Price: $480
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Klim Krios Karbon Adventure

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With the arrival of the Krios, Klim is making a strong showing in the headwear department. Klim claims the Krios is the “lightest adventure helmet ever created,” and when you’ve spent all day up on the pegs, any weight you can shed is going to be appreciated. Klim wanted to make things even easier for the rider with the inclusion of the Sena 10u, fitted from the factory. By including the Sena communicator, Klim makes the Krios an “out of the box” deal for adventurers looking for a full carbon fiber option that takes minimal setup. The Krios comes at a $550 premium, but the sum of the parts make this ADV lid an option worth considering.

Price: $550
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Shoei RF-SR

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Shoei is introducing an all-new, entry-level helmet for the spring. At $400, the RF-SR may be a bit on the spendy side for some beginners, but the fit and finish that is ubiquitous with the Shoei name should keep you from having regrets. Featuring a Pinlock insert, DOT and Snell approval, removable cheek pads, and a shield tensioner, the RF-SR is certainly worthy of the Shoei name.

Price: $400
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Sena INC

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Sena has been making communicators for a long time. With the INC helmet, they’ve integrated all of their knowledge about what works and what doesn’t into one of the most advanced helmets on the market. The revolutionary INC includes noise cancellation to quell freeway winds, as well as an “ambient” mode, enabling you to hear the folks around you without removing your helmet. With these innovations — plus universal intercom connectivity, an FM radio, and voice capabilities — this truly is a “smart helmet.” The INC will be available in late 2017 for $800.

Price: $800
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Arai Signet-X/ Quantum-X

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Fit is a critical part of choosing any helmet, with some manufacturers catering to round heads more than ovals (and vice versa). Arai has decided to bridge this gap, however, with the introduction of the Signet-X (long oval) and Quantum-X (round). These helmets are identical in functionality, but each serve a different head type. This may seem like a minor option, but fit is everything. A given with both helmets is the superb build quality you expect from Arai, which warrants a $680 price tag.

Price: $680
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Arai Helmets