Bloodhound SSC chases 1,000-mph land speed record with the ‘heart’ of a Jaguar

Bloodhound SSC

Apparently, when you combine a predatory jungle cat with a convict–sniffing tracking dog, you get a pretty ferocious result.

The pencil-shaped Bloodhound SSC racer does just that, and it’s chasing 1,000 miles-per-hour using the heart of a tire-smoking Jaguar.

The supercharged eight-cylinder engine, a 5.0-liter unit producing 550 horsepower, comes from the new F-Type Coupe R and V8S Convertible. In the hardtop, it’s good enough to push the British sports car to 60 mph in about 4.0 seconds.

Clearly, the Jag’s blown V8 is an impressive piece of engineering, but it won’t actually be propelling the British team’s vehicle forward.

No, the throaty motor will actually be in charge of powering the rocket-boosted SSC’s oxidizer pump, so don’t celebrate too loud, Brits: you’re on gas pump duty this time.

The F-Type’s engine will funnel 800 liters (211.3 gallons) of High Test Peroxide to the rocket in just 20 seconds, though, which is reason enough to hold your head high. That’s the equivalent of 40 liters (10.5 gallons) every second.

And with its lofty goals, the Bloodhound will need every drop. It will attempt to break the World Land Speed Record of 763.035 mph in 2015, before setting its sights on the 1,000-mph barrier the following year.

Never one to idle in the background, Jaguar isn’t stopping at providing materials for the speed runs. The Coventry-based automaker will also provide bespoke rapid response vehicles during both the 2015 attempt and the 1,000-mph mission in 2016.

Oddly enough, Andy Green, the man drove the Thrust SSC to the current speed record in 1997, will be piloting the Bloodhound when it chases history next year. Jaguar will be also integral in developing the Bloodhound’s unique cockpit design.