With Wi-Fi hotspots and wireless phone chargers, the future of BMW’s 7 Series is now

BMW 7 Series

The sixth generation of BMW’s 7 Series is set to feature some new toys.

A new report by BMW Blog claims the model range, which is due out in 2016, will equip a premium Bowers & Wilkins audio system, wireless smartphone charging technology, and an integrated WiFi hotspot.

The brand currently offers a device called BMW Car Hotspot, which can provide high-speed Internet for up to eight devices. It requires a snap-in adapter to work though, so an in-console unit may be on tap for the new luxury sedan.

General Motors may beat BMW to the punch, however, as the American multinational plans to option OnStar 4G LTE on the Corvette, Volt, Impala, and others.

Also expected for the 7 Series is an upgraded iDrive unit.

The new program is expected to utilize touchscreen connectivity for the first time, a feature that’s been seen as distracting by the German automaker in the past.

The iDrive touchpad and control wheel will likely remain, which allow drivers to pinch, drag, scroll, and even transcribe addresses onto the available 8.8-inch screen. What’s even more exciting is the prospect of gesture recognition on iDrive, which could transfer info from the Head-Up display to the dashboard with a simple wave.

As we reported in October, the next-gen 7 Series will feature modular engine architecture and shed close to 500 pounds. The six-cylinder engines will share components with the four and three-cylinder units from smaller models, and will reportedly be able to accept electronic components from the i3 and i8.

For all you purists out there though, don’t worry: the Bimmer’s V8 and V12 options don’t seem to be going anywhere.