Is BMW in collaboration with Tesla? ‘Nein,’ says German automaker

Elon Musk

When great minds meet, great things usually happen.

That’s why when rumors that Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk was in talks with BMW to develop battery and lightweight composite technologies, the interest of automotive nerds collectively piqued.

Just think, the precision and heritage of BMW, combined with the eye-catching image and forward thinking philosophies of Elon Musk and Tesla. What more could you want?

Well, it turns out the story was a bit of a wash, because BMW officials recently told German magazine Wirtschafts Woche that it has no plans of formally working with Tesla, adding that Musk’s statements were solely “for PR purposes.”


Tesla spokesperson Kathrin Schira recently told Automotive News that the cross company talks were casual in nature, so BMW may have a point here.

This doesn’t mean that BMW is ruling out a relationship with Tesla in the future, though. Company representatives said they’re open to working with other automakers to develop low-cost, high-strength carbon-fiber composites, like those used in the i3 and i8.

BMW’s partnership with Toyota seems to be moving along, however, as the two brands are making progress with their collaborative sports car. The mid-sized Supra/Z4 successor is expected to cost more than a Corvette, feature a hybrid powertrain, and have styling influenced by Toyotas striking FT-1 concept.

There have also been rumors of a hydrogen-powered i5, with technology sourced from the Toyota Mirai.