BMW i-FD concept

The BMW i range isn’t even available yet (although we really wish it were) but that’s not stopping talented – and perhaps a little impatient – designer Feliciano Ruy-Diaz from conjuring up his own moto-magic and giving us the BMW i-FD concept.

As you may have guessed, the i-FD concept is based off the upcoming BMW i range that you probably had a chance to see good old Tom “I love Katie Holmes” Cruise driving around in the recent Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.

The i-FD’s design language certainly evokes a heightened sense of aggression. It features an elevated hood with recessed headlamps and hard lines throughout the frame, creating a paneling effect that adds to the stylish and imposing quality of the car. Of course what would a BMW — concept or otherwise — be without the signature double kidney grille? Thankfully it’s there, but in a nod to the futuristic style of the i range the double-kidney is lined with LEDs that glow blue when driven.

According to Ruy-Diaz, the i-FD’s concept takes inspiration from a number of sources, including Great White sharks, ancient Greek armor, and the architectural stylings of famous Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. The concept was envisioned as a sedan coupe with “dynamic and aggressive lines” that Ruy-Diaz believes lends an air of “strength and elegance.” 

While we certainly wont be seeing the i-FD concept any time soon (read: ever),  it does give us a possible look into the future of BMW’s electric range. At the very least we would love to see the LED double-kidney grille implemented in the actual i range, or any production BMW for that matter. Make it so Munich… and danke in advance!