Thought BMW’s i8 was futuristic? This i9 concept makes it look ancient

Every day, we inch closer to the futuristic settings displayed in films like Minority Report, Blade Runner, and I, Robot. 

We won’t touch on the social and geopolitical aspects of those films here, but our daily drivers are resembling Hollywood’s progressive creations more each year. Want proof? Revisit the radical styling of BMW’s i8.

A successor to the BMW i8 has been rumored for some time now, and a particularly talented fan from BMW Blog has rendered what the hybrid sports car, possibly called the i9, could look like.

The two-door looks like something plucked straight from science fiction, with dramatically angled fenders, Sonic the Hedgehog wheels, and a rear end that may or may not feature an ion thruster from a TIE fighter.

Will we ever see these crazy angles on the road? Unlikely, but it’s quite interesting to speculate.


The i9 has reportedly been approved for production in 2016. It will likely equip the same carbon fiber tub as its predecessor, but with a new, modular 3.0-liter engine working in tandem with an electric motor to produce more power.

Exactly how much energy the hybrid powertrain will produce is unknown at this time, but rumors are that BMW is targeting 500 horsepower and a 3.5-second 0 to 60 mph time. That’s a significant improvement over the i8’s 4.1-second achievement, which will push the car into bona fide supercar territory.

That classification makes sense, given that the car is a celebration of the German company’s 100th anniversary and an homage of sorts to the iconic M1.

In November, we reported that BMW may be planning yet another entrant into its ‘i’ lineup, a hydrogen-fueled i5 with technology sourced from Toyota’s Mirai FCV.

(BMW i9 rendering via BMW Blog)

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