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Here’s a teaser of BMW’s next-generation 3-Series sedan before its Paris debut

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BMW’s world-renowned and iconic 3 Series sedan is approaching the end of its average generational lifespan, having reached the age of seven this year. Despite getting a bit old, it’s aging gracefully, especially after a bunch of mid-cycle revisions. Nonetheless, a new seventh generation 3 Series is in the works and the crew at BMW just released some teasers to give us a little taste.

Due for a worldwide reveal at the 2018 Paris Motor Show next month, the next-gen BMW 3 Series takes on the internal designation, “G20,” leaving the previous car’s “F30” behind.

Not much is known about the next-gen 3 Series. But from the various spy photo shots available on the Internet and the teasers shared by BMW themselves, the new 3 Series looks to adopt a lot of design cues and similarities as the current generation “G30” 5 Series — unsurprising, since the 3 Series has a habit of taking inspiration from its more expensive brethren.

For example, the outgoing 3 Series generation drew many similarities from the previous “F10” generation 5 Series, while the generation before, the “E90” 3 Series picked up bits from the “E60” generation 5 Series.

Rumors floating around the web suggest the car being teased is specifically the “M340i” model, or the range-topping non-M version with the lineup’s most powerful engine choice. That of course would be BMW’s legendary and latest 3.0-liter turbocharged gasoline inline-six. The BMW M designation doesn’t quite mean it’s a full-fledged M model, but rather an “M Sport” car with a sport package. That typically adds a more aggressive body kit; sport-tuned steering, brakes, and suspension; bespoke options and equipment; and lots and lots of M badges.

While not a full M3, the 3 Series M Sport is a traditional trim level, giving buyers the option for more performance out of the standard car, without needing to make the premium jump to the M3.

For the new generation 3 Series, besides the range-topping turbo-six model, we anticipate the base model to continue serving up a 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-four. Though the future of the 3 Series diesel remains uncertain for the North American market.

We’re also expecting the 3 Series lineup to grow with a new hybrid model and a possible all-electric version as BMW’s clearly on a hard electrification effort. BMW previously made its plans clear to offer customers plenty of variety and options for the next-generation of cars, including new hybrid and all-electric options of its core models, in addition to the gas-powered cars.

One thing’s for sure however: the iconic M3 and M4 cars will be gaining hybridized powertrains, which has us very curious about the next-gen model.

More details shall follow as we approach the new 3 Series’ arrival next month. If you’d like to keep tabs, make sure to tune in to BMW’s press conference in Paris via livestream, here, on Tuesday, October 10 at 9AM, Central European Standard Time.

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