BMW to celebrate 40 years of M branding with special Competition Edition M3

Luxury German automaker BMW is celebrating 40 years of its M branded special edition with the M3 Competition Edition. The word from Munich is that BWM will only ship 40 of the celebratory M3 Competition Editions to U.S shores, making the car exceptionally rare.

The M3 Competition Edition will exhibit a few differences from the standard M3 including a Frozen Silver paintjob, black M3 GTS 19-inch wheels, dark chrome exterior trim and exhausts tips. Inside, the M3 CE will feature an Alcantara M steering wheel and M logo with Black Novillo leather upholstery with Palladium Silver accents adorning the interior.

Under the hood, the limited edition BWM will exhibit the same 414 horsepower V8 engine as other M3 models; however the 0-60 time on the M3 CE has been dropped from 4.7 seconds to 4.5 seconds. In addition, the CE M3 measures in at 10 mm lower than the standard edition M3, features wider-offset wheels, and increased programming threshold for the M driving mode.

On top of being extremely rare, the Competition Edition M3 will cost a full $20,000 more than its standard edition counterpart with a cost of $81,060.