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BMW will revive the 8 Series sports coupe to lead its luxury pack

BMW Gran Lusso Concept
BMW Gran Lusso Concept
Mercedes-Benz has held down the full-size luxury coupe segment for a good while now, but BMW is reportedly preparing a worthy challenger in the form of a resurrected 8 Series.

The new S-Class coupe is gorgeous, powerful, and refined, with a price tag tens of thousands less than its rival, Bentley’s Continental GT, and a presence far more premium than BMW’s 6 Series coupe. It has, therefore, been the go-to wealthy (not filthy wealthy) luxury coupe du jour.

Where the German luxury marques normally compete in every segment, BMW and Audi have abstained for quite some time. Now, according to AutoCar, BMW is ready to give the Merc a run for its leadership. BMW’s 8 Series has been out of production for 16 years, but come 2020, the brand will revive its much-loved nameplate.

BMW 850Ci
1998 BMW 850Ci

The reborn model will sit atop BMW’s model range and will feature multi-material architecture, electrical system, and connectivity solutions akin to the all-new 7 Series. BMW’s Dingolfing factory in Germany will produce the new vehicle. There are reportedly two body styles under consideration: a more luxurious version of the 6 Series Gran Coupe’s four-door figure, or a traditional two-door coupe and cabriolet.

Likely, we’ll find out which setup the company has decided on before a concept debuts in 2018, but until then, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for a twin-turbocharged V12-powered coupe.

In 2020, BMW will be entering into an increasingly successful market, as Mercedes-Benz sold 125,000 S-Class models (all body styles) to BMW’s 36,364 7 Series sales. It’s presumed (or at least hoped on BMW’s account) that more forms of the 7 Series will increase category sales. BMW already expects the new 7 Series to bump sales of the estate to 70,000 in 2016, so an additional variant should nudge the automaker much closer to Mercedes-Benz’s benchmarks.

“With the decision to bring back the 8 Series, Krueger is looking at a potentially lucrative revenue stream with high profitability on a per unit basis,” a BMW senior manager stated.

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