BMW to unveil 4-Series concept in Detroit

BMW 4 Series Coupe

Motor Authority is reporting — and sharing spy photos — of the forthcoming BMW 4-Series, which is anticipated to be unveiled at next year’s Detroit Auto Show in January.

Sadly, news is short on this front at the moment with speculation and rumors coming from all corners of the web. From what we can piece together, the 4-Series isn’t so much a new model line as it is a shakeup of current BMW lines. The 1-Series coupe will become the 2-Series and the 3-Series coupe will become the 4-Series (along with the current 3-Series convertible), bringing along with it an X4. The X4, unlike the current X3, will look more like a four-door crossover coupe (like the X6).

Drivetrain options are expected to remain the same, with an entry-level turbocharged four-cylinder and an optional turbocharged three-liter inline six-cylinder resting at the top of the range.

This reorganization of the BMW line is most likely driven by the same factors behind Mercedes-Benz expansion of its C Class line: to diversify the brand thereby attracting younger buyers.

Younger buyers seem to be the new focus for the German brands. With an aging buyer-base, German automakers are eager to attract more youthful demographics. VW simplified its offerings, making them cheaper and more youth-oriented in recent years, dropping the Jetta down to $15,500. Mercedes has plans to offer less expensive entry-level C Class. Porsche, too, will soon be drawing back the curtains on a new, cheaper coupe.

We will be sure to bring you all the upcoming 4-Series as information is revealed. We suspect, however, no new solid news will be available until a few weeks before the 2013 Detroit Auto Show.

To see more spy photos of the 4-Series, check out the Motor Authority site.