BMW X2: The inevitable sequel (or is it prequel?) to the X4 and X6?

bmw x2 crossover coupe rumors sketch

BMW will unveil the 2015 X4 “sports activity coupe” at the 2014 New York Auto Show, but it still has one crossover in its lineup that hasn’t been turned into a hideous chimera.

The X4 and X6 “coupes” are based on the X3 and X5, respectively, but so far BMW hasn’t discussed giving the smaller X1 the same treatment.

However, according to the BMW forum Bimmerpost the German carmaker will launch an X2 in 2017.

The X2 will reportedly ride on the same UKL platform as the next MINI Countryman and, like BMW’s current crop of crossover coupes, would share most of its DNA with the crossover it’s based on.

While the design sketch pictured above looks fairly dramatic, a production X2 would likely look more like an X1 with a flattened roof than a clean-sheet design.

Interestingly, the forum post claims the X2 will be offered in both three-door and five-door configurations, which would make it the first BMW utility vehicle with only two passenger doors. Right now, though, it’s all speculation.

That doesn’t mean the X2 will never get built, but it does mean it’s a little too early to pull out the checkbook.

Given BMW’s penchant for niche models and its plans to produce as many vehicles as possible on the front-wheel drive UKL platform, a production X2 is a possibility. Whether it’s an attractive one remains to be seen.

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