Bosch offering wireless charging stations to LEAF and Volt drivers… but it’ll cost ya!

Nissan responds to sluggish Leaf sales with improvements for 2013

Ironically, it’s the diesel-obsessed Germans that are about to make the Nissan Leaf and Chevy Volt owners happier campers, albeit while taking a fair bit of treasure from their chests.

According to Plug-In Cars, Germany-based Bosch Automotive Service Solutions are ready to install wireless charging stations right in the garages of Leaf and Volt owners. The cost of this cordless convenience? About $3,000 – a far cry from the $449 Bosch currently charges for its standard Power Max corded system.

The Evatran-manufactured 240-volt station includes a wall unit, floor charger, and vehicle adapter. Drivers can charge wirelessly via the floor unit, which sends electricity through the air and straight to the adapter attached to the vehicle. At the moment, it looks like Bosch’s wireless system is only compatible with the Leaf and Volt, but the company says it’s developing wireless charging systems for other models as well. 

There’s no denying the inherent “cool factor” when it comes to wireless charging technology, though it remains to be seen whether the convenience of Bosch’s system is worth the $2,500 premium. A high cost of entry has kept EV technology on the fringes, but Bosch is looking to allay concerns over the cost of both its wireless and wired charging systems by offering financing options. For charging units $1,000 and above, Bosch offers $0 down with no monthly payments for 12 months if repaid in full within that 12 month period. The company says it hopes this option will make wireless charging more accessible and affordable for current and prospective EV owners.

Still, we wonder if Bosch’s wireless system will have any affect over an EV’s long-term battery health. As it is, a battery’s state of charge diminishes over the life of the car. If Bosch’s system accelerates this in any way, we can’t see EV owners shelling out any sum of money, regardless of the convenience.