Wireless motorcycle helmet has smart brake light that shines at motorist eye level

You motorcyclists out there know that an astounding number of motorists just don’t see you. In the interest of self-preservation, it’s up to individual bikers to do the best they can to be seen. Brake Free‘s wireless helmet smart brake light, currently running an Indiegogo campaign, should at least improve your odds with its always-on red LED at most motorists’ eye level.

brake free wireless smart motorcycle helmet light rider with

The Brake Free light mounts on the back of your own helmet, held in place by a pair of removable neodymium super magnetic snap mounts. There are no wires to get tangled and nothing to connect to your bike’s electronics. The LED lighting is composed of 100 individual high efficiency, ultra-bright red LEDs with a 120-degree viewing angle.

A 2600 mAh high capacity rechargeable Lithium-ion battery powers the helmet light for 8-plus hours per charge. Recharging with a USB connection takes two hours via an included a Micro USB cable.

The company calls the helmet light “smart” because it doesn’t require a connected app or a sensor on your brakes.  The light is always on to improve your chances of motorists noticing you even when you’re moving along. Onboard 3D accelerometer and 3D gyrometer sensors detect when you are slowing down, whether you are using the brakes, downshifting, or engine braking. As soon as it detects a reduction in speed, the LED brightens up brighter, just like car brake lights.

brake free wireless smart motorcycle helmet light

The Brake Free helmet light’s Indiegogo campaign started March 27, 2017, and has already raised 58 percent of its $50K goal, with a month still to go. As of this writing, the 150 $89 Super Early Bird Special pricing units have all been claimed, but there are still several attractive prices, including $99 EarlyBird, a two-pack for $198, and more. Delivery is estimated in April 2018.

Unless the rear end of your bike is lit up like a Christmas tree or an airport landing strip, many motorists don’t see you. A bright red LED at their eye level that gets even brighter every time you slow down could make the difference between getting to your destination or winding up on in the hospital or worse.