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Sorry, oligarchs: Bugatti isn’t interested in building a sedan or a SUV

Bugatti Galibier sedan
High-end crossovers have never been more popular than they are right now. Bentley will launch the controversial Bentayga next month at the Frankfurt Motor Show, and Aston Martin, Rolls-Royce, Mercedes-Maybach, Lamborghini, Maserati, and even Lotus are all planning on introducing at least one off-roader before the end of the decade. Talk about breaking with tradition.

Putting an end to a long-standing industry rumor, Bugatti boss Wolfgang Dürheimer has confirmed the storied marque will not follow its rivals’ lead and build a super-SUV.

“Bugatti is a very special company. We don’t intend to change our brand perception and our market position. We will remain ultra-sharp and at the very top,” explained the executive in a recent interview with Car & Driver.

Similarly, Dürheimer has made it clear that the on-again, off-again production version of the stunning 16C Galibier concept (pictured) has been canceled once and for all. The sedan generated an overwhelmingly positive reaction from show-goers, enthusiasts and prospective owners when it was presented all the back at the 2009 edition of the Frankfurt Motor Show. However, the Galibier will not make the jump to production because Bugatti wants to continue selling ultra-high-end sports cars in order remain one of the world’s most exclusive car companies.

Every single Veyron built sold for over $2 million, a lofty sum that was justified by the model’s jaw-dropping performance and accented by the long list of options usually piled on by wealthy buyers. Bugatti would have a hard time selling a $2 million sedan, even if it was equipped with a massively powerful 16-cylinder engine like the Veyron’s. Making a similar business case for a SUV would be even more difficult.

The market is simply not there, according to Dürheimer, and Bugatti has categorically ruled out expand its lineup towards the bottom. The Chiron, the firm’s next model, will turn the dial up to 11 when it finally lands, but a four-door Bugatti won’t arrive in the foreseeable future.

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