Bugatti is down to its last eight Veyrons

The sale of eight vehicles is beyond insignificant in a car industry that moves millions of units each year, but when those eight cars are Bugatti Veyrons, things are a little different.

After almost a decade, sales of the Veyron are finally winding down with 442 cars built and just eight to go, according to Car magazine.

Veyron production was originally capped at 300 coupes, but an extra 150 convertibles were eventually tacked on as well.

All coupe models – including the Super Sport that still holds the record for world’s fastest production car – have been sold out since 2011, leaving Bugatti to peddle the open-top Grand Sport and Vitesse.

Despite the Veyron’s exclusivity and unbelievable performance, moving those last few cars has been a bit of a challenge. Bugatti recently tried to stir up more customer interest with its “Legend” limited editions and Dynamic Drive Experience test-drive events.

Bugatti still had about 40 Veyrons to sell at the beginning of 2014, so it could still take several months before the last orders are taken.

Filling those orders will keep the Bugatti factory in Molsheim, France humming for awhile, and it may transition immediately to a new supercar once they’re completed.

Rumors are swirling about a Veyron successor that may be called Chiron, and may have up to 1,500 horsepower, but virtually nothing has been confirmed so far.

At least we know it exists. Speaking at the opening of the brand’s first fashion boutique in London, Bugatti CEO Wolfgang Durheimer told Car that there will be “no downtime” between the end of Veyron production and the builds of pre-production prototypes for the next model.

That means we could see the Veyron’s successor sometime next year, although it likely won’t go on sale until 2016 at the earliest.