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LG is helping Cadillac build more elegant-looking interiors

2016 Cadillac Design Study -- teaser video
The Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance that’s held annually on the outskirts of Monterey, California, started life as a prestigious car show, but it gradually morphed into one of the largest — and glitziest — automotive events on the planet. This year, Cadillac is returning to the Golden State to show attendees a brand new design study that turns the tech dial up to 11.

The yet-unnamed model sheds valuable insight into what the future holds for the Cadillac brand, which is in the midst of the biggest transformation in its existence. And while the company is intentionally keeping details under wraps, a brief teaser video suggests that the concept will reveal what kind of infotainment system the Cadillac of tomorrow will use.

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Designers have teamed up with LG Electronics to ditch the traditional analog instrument cluster and replace it with a pair of horizontal screens. Located right behind the steering wheel, the main screen displays data about the car and its surroundings such as the speed and navigation directions with 3D graphics. The second, bigger screen runs the concept’s infotainment system, meaning it displays entertainment and connectivity menus, as well as the driver’s agenda. Both units are fully configurable.

The screens boast state-of-the-art OLED technology, which provides a much higher resolution than the thin-film transistor (TFT) screens found in most cars today. Additionally, using OLED tech allowed Cadillac to fit its newest concept with curved screens, and consequently give it a more flowing, elegant-looking dashboard. Executives promise the technology will gradually trickle down to production models, though a more specific time frame hasn’t been provided yet.

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Curious? Stay tuned, Cadillac’s design study will be introduced in just a few short days, and we’ll be on-location to bring you live images and full details as soon as possible.

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