Cadillac ELR to enter EV market in 2014, will share enhanced Chevy Volt powertrain

Cadillac ELR enters EV market in 2014, will share enhanced Chevy Volt powertrain

General Motors and its luxury brand Cadillac will enter the growing EV market with the ELR, an extended-range plug-in hybrid coupe, late next year, reports (GMI).

We’ve been aware of GM’s plans of bringing a Cadillac-branded plug-in hybrid to the market for while now. Back in 2009, GM introduced the world to the ELR – known back then as the Converj concept – at the North American Auto Show in Detroit. Last August, GM reluctantly confirmed the production of the ELR after Green Car Reports obtained leaked information confirming the car’s production plans. And although GM came out and admitted the ELR’s shift from concept to production, the American automaker has remained tight-lipped on when it would actually see the light of day.

It would appear that the ELR is not content with living in the shadows as another leak — this time from GM’s own OnStar telematics division — has accidently revealed the 2014 GM vehicle roster on their website.

Confirmation has yet to come from General Motors regarding the blunder, but GMI claims that a product development source within GM has been able to uphold it as true. As it stands, it looks like the ELR will begin production late in 2013 and arrive for the 2014 model year.

Cadillac ELR Night Side View

When it arrives, the ELR will use a powertrain similar to the one currently found in the Chevrolet Volt. Meaning we can expect to see an all-electric range of about 35 miles. However, as the Volt is set to undergo several improvements for the 2014 model year, the ELR will likely also boast a greater all electric range than the current Volt models.

Sadly, little else is available as far as details go. Pricing for the ELR remains a mystery, although there was some speculation back in August from Bloomberg hinting at price point that would come in under Tesla’s base Model S, which costs roughly $57,000.

Either way, GM is probably hoping to build on the slow and steady progress it has made with the Volt. What remains unclear, however, is whether consumers will flock to what is essentially a luxury-branded version of the plug-in hybrid. Of course, depending on how much the ELR prices in at, maybe dropping a few extra coins on an EV Caddy will actually make sense to consumers who remain reluctant to spend $40,000 on a Chevy Volt.

For now, we’ll just have and see what develops.

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