Lincoln to offer three years of unlimited live operator assist with SYNC

2013 Lincoln MKZ Hybrid

Practically every high-end automaker has a live operator-based support system incorporated within each of its models. Assisting drivers with anything from turn-by-turn directions to news, weather, stock quotes, and even horoscopes, having a live personal assistant is a modern essential for any luxury brand.

Automakers will often comp the cost of this service for the first year of ownership, incentivizing buyers to option-up their vehicle. After that first free year, however, an annual bill is issued for continuing the in-car concierge service. Lexus, for example, charges just shy of $300 per year for its in-car operator service.

Looking to buck that trend, Lincoln has determined that one free year simply wasn’t enough for its customers and has proudly upped its SYNC-based live operator assist to three full years without charge.

Lincoln has been feverishly working to reinvent and reinvigorate the brand and its image. Small moves like this, Lincoln figures, will set itself apart from the market. And it’s right; it will. But is it enough?

With a competitor like Cadillac working hard and fast to pump out rear-wheel drive sports coupes and sedans on-par with BMW, it stands to reason incremental offerings like this prove too little too late for Lincoln.

If you’re in the market, however, for a pretty good luxury sedan that will, at the push of a button, conjure up an operator to read to you your horoscope at all hours of the day — free of charge  for three years — then Lincoln and SYNC have answered your prayers.

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