Cayster GT 670: German tuner soups up Cayenne Hybrid and Diesel

Cayster GT 670 front three-quarter viewThe Eterniti Artemis is not the only super-SUV based on the Porsche Cayenne. German tuner Hofele Design is offering power-hungry soccer moms its own outrageous performance sport-ute, but with a green twist. Instead of a massive V8, the Cayster GT 670 sports diesel and hybrid powertrains.

The Cayster GT 670 is based on the two most eco-friendly Cayenne models: the S Hybrid and Diesel. The S Hybrid starts with 360 horsepower and 428 pound-feet of torque; Hofele’s tweaks bump those numbers to 481 hp and 544 lb-ft. The stock Cayenne Diesel has 240 hp and 406 lb-ft, while the Cayster has 300 hp and 479 lb-ft.

That extra power should equate to extra performance. Hofele did not divulge any performance data, but expect the Cayster GT 670 yo clock a faster 0-60 time than the Cayenne S Hybrid’s 6.1 seconds or the Diesel’s 7.2 seconds. However, the Cayster may have trouble keeping up with the Artemis, which has a 4.8-liter V8 producing over 600 horsepower.

Boosting the performance of a stock SUV is great, but most buyers want to show off their extra horsepower. Hofele obliged with a body kit that gives the Cayster a more aggressive, and uglier, look. The 14-piece kit gives the Cayster a gaping mouth with oddly-shaped side intakes, and a bulging “power dome” hood. Overall, it makes this tuned Cayenne look a bit like a puffer fish.

In addition to the inflated face, flared fenders cover larger (20 or 22 inch) wheels. The Cayenne’s air suspension gets a tweak, courtesy of new control module, to get the car closer to the ground. If any of Hofele’s customers actually drive their Caysters on a track, a lower center of gravity will definitely help.

The Cayster GT 670 is one of many tuned Cayennes; it will have a tough time competing in this surprisingly crowded market segment. Like the Artemis, many of these other cars offer significantly more power and, arguably, better styling. Still, the Cayster’s biggest selling point is what’s under the hood: the hybrid and diesel powertrains make this the only tuner Cayenne for the green set. With more hybrids and diesels going on sale every year, it’s about time the aftermarket started getting in on the act.