CES 2012: Ford shows off its new C-Max Energi

Yesterday Ford showed off its new Fusion Energi plug- in hybrid at the 2012 CES Consumer Electronics Show and today it kicked things off with its new 2013 C-Max Energi plug-in.

With Ford pushing fuel-economy and increased connectivity, (it was one of the main talking points of Ford President Alan Mulally yesterday) it’s clear that the iconic auto manufacturer has its sights set on Toyota and the market share the Prius enjoys.

Like the Fusion Energi, the C-Max Energi is part of Fords new tech-centric fleet and is aiming to provide better fuel economy than Japanese rivals Toyta and its Prius plug-in hybrid. With preliminary figures looking promising, Ford is stating that the C-Max Energi will be able to deliver a better fuel economy equivalent in electric mode than the Toyota Prius-plug-in hybrid with a 500-mile overall extended driving range.

Ford plans to release the C-Max later this year, however at this time no official word on pricing.