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Put your Chiropractor on speed-dial, the Nissan GT-R NISMO is on its way

chiropractors delight nismo gt r way nissan gt3
The NISMO GT-R GT3 racecar is supposed to be the origin of a lot of the performance upgrades on the upcoming NISMO GT-R

The Nissan GT-R NISMO might just be the fastest car from 0-60 ever, not to mention the fastest around the Nurburgring … and all I can say is: oh god, my spine.

 Nissan has announced that the NISMO GT-R will be unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show on November 20th. And it has released a teaser video that doesn’t actually show the car. Instead, it’s a five-s second zoom into the Nurburgring ending in a set of coordinates.

 The teaser video of the ‘Ring hints at the direction that the NISMO division has gone with its version of the GT-R: a hardcore, balls-to-the-wall track monster. Considering that the GT-R was already a hardcore, balls-to-the-wall track monster, I shudder to think what the NISMO’d GT-R will drive and feel like.

 I already thought that the GT-R’s suspension was spine-shattering and that the road noise was murder. I also wrote that the focus on ‘Ring times tends to make cars worse to own and drive. So, frankly, this version of Godzilla – let’s call it Mecha-Godzilla – sounds like a nightmare.

 At least it should be a fast nightmare, though, because early reports hint at a 0-60 time of 2.0 seconds or less. G-forces like that might well make it impossible for you to actually form memories of the damage being done to your body by the bone-shaking ride.

 But let me take a step back from my griping to give Mecha-Godzilla its due. If it can manage that incredible 0-60 time, and beat the Porsche 918 Spyder – a car that is likely to cost at least five-times as much – around the ‘Ring, it will be an incredible feat indeed. 

It shouldn’t be surprising, though. The GT-R’s performance was shocking right from the start, and the new NISMO version was said to be based, at least in part, on the GT-R GT3 race car.

This version might also be the last hurrah for the current generation of the GT-R. The new version is expected in 2016. The next-gen GT-R is supposed to be more livable and a bit less crazy, as this time around Nissan would like to actually sell a few. 

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