Coda Automotive embarks on its all-electric California roll out


Fans of electric vehicles will be happy to hear that another gasoline adverse car is about to hit the growing EV market. On Friday, California-based Coda Automotive began rolling out its all-electric four-door sedan.

The Los Angeles-based startup will initially only sell its five-passenger electric sedan in the state of California and taking cues from another moderately known California startup will sell the $35,200 EV in unique mall-based auto showrooms in addition to traditional locations.

Californian’s interested in purchasing a Coda can head over to the automakers official website and configure one of their own. In addition to 6 exterior colors: Cloud Nine White, Night Owl Black, Reflection Silver, Perfect Storm Dark Grey, Fathom Dark Blue, and Pulse Dark Red, customers can choose between two styles of aluminum wheels and two options of either leather or luxury eco-friendly seat fabric.

From a style perspective alone, the CODA doesn’t really offer much razzle or dazzle. According to CODA, the design team came up with a front-end that’s distinctive (not so much) without calling attention to itself (mission accomplished). The design cues utilized on the body of the vehicle are very ordinary — perhaps too much for some — and offer no real imagination. Sure, the CODA features standard LED tail lamps and as we mentioned some handsome looking 17-inch rims, but overall it looks decidedly vanilla.

Of course you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, right? And not everyone has taken to the current crop of hybrid and EV design choices employed by the likes of Toyota, Honda, and Nissan when it comes to their respective hybrids/EVs. So if you belong to the latter, then you might appreciate the CODA’s simple and straightforward look.


The interior however seems to be a different beast. Coda automotive has implemented practically everything you would expect a car of the 21st century to have. On the audio front, the CODA comes equipped with standard Alpine all-in-one-audio, video, and GPS navigation system displayed on a 7-inch touch-screen, which also includes iPhone, iPod, Bluetooth, and USB connectivity.

From the looks of it, Coda seems to be trying to strike a balance between tech and tradition while also trying to appeal to an audience that wants an electric experience without all the fancy features associated with most EVs. While many of the current EV and hybrid vehicles on the market feature push-to-start engines the CODA does not — opting for the old twist of the wrist to get it going.

Surprisingly, the CODA packs an electrical punch. Powering the electric sedan is a UQM PowerPhase electric motor, which produces 221 lbs-ft of low-end torque with an electronically limited speed limit of 85 mph. And although that is slightly less than the Nissan Leaf, which clocks in at around 93 mph, the CODA does beat its Japanese counterpart when it comes to horsepower with 134 hp to the Leaf’s 107.

When it comes to electric vehicles, apart from the price, most are mainly concerned with the two f’s: how far will it go, and how fast will it charge. According to Coda Automotive, the estimated range of the CODA is about 125 miles depending on driving conditions and charging habits. That number again bests the Lead, which can achieve an estimated 100 mile range. As for charge times, it appears the CODA’s performance is in the same realm as the Leaf, beating it by an hour under the same 220V charging conditions.

As we mentioned, Coda is limiting sales of the CODA electric sedan to California for now, but if you live outside of California, the company is taking reservations, but no official release date has been given.