Secret Tesla screen hack: are more safety features embedded in your Model S?

Tesla Model S hidden menu

Blind Spot Detection, Adaptive Cruise Control, and Lane Departure Warning Systems are not currently offered on the Tesla Model S. Or are they? Well, no, not yet at least.

The cars seem to have been built with those additional safety tech features in mind, however, as a secret Model S data screen reveals.

If you want to find this secret screen, simply press your finger on the Tesla logo on the middle top of the onboard 17-inch infotainment screen for five seconds. When you release, a prompt for a password appears. We don’t have a password for you, nor would we want to provide you with one, as messing with the options within could damage your vehicle. Proceed with caution, if you choose to proceed at all.

The folks at Drag Times did have a password and the video embedded on their page shows some interesting features, as seen in the picture above.

Looks like some other settings can be changed from this screen, too. We wonder if where it says “Performance: Sport,” we could upgrade performance levels even further, unlocking some torque and increasing acceleration. We’re also interested to know what’s telling the vehicle it’s set up for left- or right-hand drive would change.

If you’re wondering if you can simply turn on adaptive cruise or lane departure warning, should you find your way into this locked screen, we doubt it. As far as we know, the Model S hasn’t yet been fitted with the appropriate sensors to work such systems.

Could a future Model S include these important safety systems? We’ll say, “yes.”