Covert ops: 2013 Chevy Volt quietly makes its way to dealerships

Covert ops: 2013 Chevy Volt quietly makes its way to dealerships

Think you’re driving skills are so boss that you’re eking out even more mileage than your brand-new Chevy Volt should? We hate to burst your eco-bubble, but it could just be that you managed to snag an incognito 2013 model. That’s because the American automaker has begun delivering new models of its plug-in hybrid to dealerships across the country, but rather than publicizing the move has opted to remain rather tightlipped.

Hybrid Cars reports that GM has been quietly shuffling in 2013 models of the Chevy Volt for about two weeks now ahead of its scheduled August debut. While according to Green Car Reports, GM has been “sprinkling” in 2013 Volts into its production line since early June. Meaning, if you happen to be among those that recently purchase a Volt you may very well be the proud owner of a 2013 model.

Given the newest Volt’s slightly larger battery pack, increase all-electric range of 38 miles (three more than the previous year’s), improved miles-per-gallon-equivalent rating of 98 MPGe, minor, but noticeable cosmetic changes like body colored roof and rear-lift gate, as well as new “EV Hold Mode,” we don’t see how observant customers could drive one off the lot unawares.

Why no pomp and circumstance for the latest Volt? Well, it’s hard to say really. Our best guess would be to protect sales of the 2012 from customers looking to hold off until the 2013 model arrived, a suspicion also held by Hybrid Cars. However, GM’s Kevin Kelly, manager of Electric Vehicle and Hybrid Communications, tells Hybrid Cars that is simply not the case. He did not bother to further explain the tactic.

Whatever the case may be, the reality is the 2013 Chevy Volt is already trickling in. And if you’re seriously considering purchasing one, now would be a good time. Dealers will undoubtedly price them differently and it could be a great opportunity to leverage a sweet deal on a smart car.