Crikey! GM should learn from the Aussies and offer an LSA-powered Chevy SS in the USA

HSV GTS super sedan

If you were disappointed by the power output and transmission offerings from the Chevrolet SS here in the States, you weren’t alone. We were, too.

Just taking a quick look down under and we find the genesis of the Chevy SS: the VF-Series Holden Commodore. Down in Australia, there’s a Holden tuner company called HSV, which produces a somewhat factory performance version of the Commodore called the GTS Super Sedan.

HSV takes the Commodore and installs a supercharged LSA V8 under the hood and either an automatic or six-speed manual. With this great V8 under the hood, the GTS produces some 580 horsepower and 545 pound-feet of torque, which is sent to the rear wheels.

What does somewhat factory performance mean? Well HSV is good buddies with Australian Holden and has the factory boys install the LSA motor into the Commodore in a GM-owned factory before they take hold of it and make it into the GTS, according to Motor Authority.

This means that GM handles both the engine and engine installation, making a U.S. version a real reality. Could that mean a higher performance Chevy SS or perhaps a new Chevelle? We’ll have to cross our fingers and wait to find out.

Beyond the V8 upgrade, HSV adds GM’s magnetic ride control suspension, an electronic rear differential, dual-mode exhaust, AP Racing brakes with six-piston, forged aluminum calipers, and a launch-control system for the examples of the GTS with a manual gearbox.

Might American GM allow themselves to be as loony as the Aussies? We kind of doubt it. Perhaps we should go dig up some of the GM brass from the 1960s and see if they can’t help make some waves.