Does this make me look fat?: Stingray 90-pounds heavier than outgoing C6 Vette

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray on track

General Motors made a big fuss about the lightweight technology that went into the latest generation of Corvette, the Stingray.

Just because Chevrolet designers cut weight in key places though, like in the new lightweight aluminum chassis, doesn’t mean additions weren’t made elsewhere. According to GMauthority, the Stingray will tip the scales at 3,298 pounds, which represents a 90-pound weight gain over the C6 Corvette, which weighed in at 3,208-pounds.

Where do the weight changes take effect? All over the place. While the frame is 99-pounds lighter and the body panels are 37-pounds lighter, the direct injection system is 35.2-pounds heavier.

Going down the line of components, there are nearly 13 components with added weight for the new model, including the seventh gear in the transmission and the bigger brakes.

While weight is really the name of the game in sports cars, 90 pounds isn’t much. Given all the refinements and improvements that the Stingray represents over the C6, the 90-pounds will likely prove insignificant.

We will wait to give our final judgment on the Stingray and its slight weight gain until we’ve driven it, which unfortunately won’t happen until the fall. As more details are leaked about the all-new Corvette, we’ll be sure to bring them to you.