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Have $16 million? Climb aboard Porsche’s new superyacht

Porsche is best known for its high-performance road cars, but the German brand is much more well-rounded than you may think. The company’s design arm, Studio F.A. Porsche (formerly known as Porsche Design Studio), crafts everything from business suits, to laptops, and even kitchen knives, but Studio F.A. Porsche has just debuted what may be its magnum opus — the Dynamiq GTT 115.

The GTT 115 is a 115-foot superyacht that is literally the Porsche 911 of the sea. Created in tandem with shipbuilder Dynamiq, the boat is powered by two 1,650-horsepower diesel V12s paired to Fortjes pod-drives. This gives the massive vessel a top speed of 21 knots (24 mph) and a range of 3,400 nautical miles. It’s also incredibly exclusive with a base price of $16.7 million and only seven have been built thus far. The similarities to Porsche’s sports cars don’t end there, though.

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The yacht’s design is inspired by the drop-shaped silhouette of the iconic 911. The overall proportions match up, and even the cleats (the devices docking ropes attach to) mimic the 911’s aft lighting. The interior takes its cues from the automotive world as well, as the horizontal wood and aluminum trim pieces are reminiscent of the dashboard from the Porsche Mission E.

Buyers can choose from a variety of color combinations to customize the interior look, which is generally something we associate with cars, not boats. The result is something Porsche’s designers call a “Grand Tourismo for the seas,” and after looking at this amazing machine, it’s hard to argue with them. The GTT 115 Superyacht will be displayed at the Monaco Yacht Show next week.

If you prefer your Porsches with wheels instead of propellers, not to worry, we have you covered. The automaker recently announced a new Touring Package for the hardcore 911 GT3, which tames the vehicle’s exterior styling by removing the boy-racer rear wing and replacing it with a more subtle adaptive spoiler. This allows Porsche drivers to enjoy the precise, dynamic feel of the GT3 without the flashy exterior kit, which could come in handy for those who want to commute in peace without being challenged to a race at every other stoplight. Read more about the new Touring Package right here.

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