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Small-scale electric Aston Martin DB10 perfect for the toddler spy on your Christmas list

electric version of 007 aston martin is licensed to thrill am 2
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It was a year ago this week that Spectre was released, with Q providing James Bond with his latest vehicle, the Aston Martin DB10, of which only 10 were ever made. Well, to be accurate, Bond stole it and then proceeded to park it at the bottom of the Tiber.

Just once it would be nice to bring one back in pristine order, as Quartermaster Desmond Llewellyn eloquently phrased it.

Fast forward to present day, and we don’t have a new Bond movie underway just yet. But we do have this little gem, perfect for the privileged toddler on your holiday shopping list. Back in the day, all we had was a red metal fireman car. Anyway, now do pay attention, Double-O-Seven. This officially licensed Aston Martin DB10 6V is made by Feber in the U.K. and has “a few tricks up her sleeve,” as Q would put it. Cost is $247 USD.

The car will do up to 4 km per hour (2-and-a-half mph) via foot pedals or smart remote control. While lacking an ejector seat and any type of offensive firepower or defensive weaponry, it does come with electric brakes and a forward/reverse gear box. A Bluetooth connection means you can steer it for your toddler-sized Double O; a definitive license to thrill for parent and child alike.

You’ll need to charge it for 14 hours in order to get an hour’s driving time. The detail on this car is impressive. Every little bit is faithfully replicated, right down to the vents, grille, mirrors, and Aston badges on the hood and wheels.

Surprisingly, Neiman Marcus isn’t carrying this one. We did a search for “James Bond” and it came back with two copies of the Holy Bible. Perhaps NM should get Q fix its search engine.

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