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Excited for Honda’s S660? A hopped-up S1000 may be on the way as well

Honda S1000 rendering
There’s still no news about the next-gen Honda S2000, but we might be halfway there.

A new report by Motoring suggests that Honda’s upcoming S660 ‘baby roadster,’ which should be on sale next year, may spawn a high-performance S1000 variant.

The S1000 will build upon the S660’s lightweight formula with a turbocharged, 1.0-liter engine that produces around 140 horsepower. The S600 uses a smaller, 660-cc three-cylinder turbo that produces 64 hp.

That might not seem like a lot to offer in the way of performance, but keep in mind that the S600 weighs less than 1900 pounds. Revered Honda tuner Mugen is rumored to be involved in the development of the sportier car, which will feature an aggressive look and larger alloys.

Motoring’s conceptual rendering (pictured) will likely never see the production line, but the digital imaging looks pretty cool. It features a new, geometric front fascia with bold foglight housings and a chunky t-shaped grill. The flared wheel arches flow perfectly into the sharp body contours, and the rear brake vents have grown significantly.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a tricked out Honda with a big wing, but before you scoff with disfavor, remember that this Honda is actually rear-wheel drive.

The S600 is currently approved for 2015 production in Japan only, but we hope that eventually changes.

The S600 and S1000 could prove to be a big part of Honda’s mission to inject sportiness back into the brand. For those with a little more thirst for power, though, the radical Civic Type R looks to be just around the corner.

The automaker released a brilliant interactive advertisement for the Type R last month, which showcases the 276-hp coupe’s dual personalities.

(Rendering via Motoring)

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