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Think every Fiat is small and cute? The upcoming Toro pickup will change your mind

Fiat Toro teaser
Fiat has published a dark teaser image that previews a new model called Toro, a word that means “bull” in Italian. As its name clearly implies, the Toro isn’t yet another a dainty city car inspired by the original, rear-engined 500. When it hits showrooms, it will earn the honor of being Fiat’s first-ever body-on-frame pickup truck.

Based on the Mitsubishi Triton, the Toro looks more rugged than any Fiat ever built before thanks to a tall front end, slender headlights and a hexagonal grille. The roof rack and the shapely lower bumper hint that the truck depicted in the teaser shot is a well-equipped model; more basic, work-oriented variants will look a lot less upscale.

Technical details have not been published yet, and it’s too early to tell if the Toro will use engines sourced from the Mitsubishi parts bin or if it will be fitted with Fiat-specific engines. If Fiat turns to Mitsubishi, the Toro will be available with three diesel-burning four-cylinders whose outputs will range from 128 horsepower and 177 pound-feet of torque to 181 hp and 317 lb-ft. of torque.

At least one gasoline-powered four-banger will be offered, though it will represent a small percentage of sales. Two- and four-wheel drive models will be available regardless of what lurks under the hood.

Fiat isn’t shy about admitting the Toro was designed primarily for Latin America, where pickups represent a relatively large portion of the new car market. The truck will go on sale in a handful of Latin American nations shortly after it makes its official debut later this year.

The Toro could eventually be sold in Europe, where it would fight head-to-head against the Volkswagen Amarok, the Toyota Hilux and the upcoming production version of the Renault Alaskan concept. However, the Turin-based company currently has no plans to sell the truck in the United States.

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