Unlucky driver earns title of ‘first to crash the 2014 Corvette Stingray’

wrecked corvette stingray

We’re not typically ones for posting hooning videos or crashed supercars. But this one hit too close to home not to cover.

We’ve recently been on the case of the 2014 Corvette Stingray because it mildly fascinates us. Our fascination is found in its unique blend of high-tech design and old-fashioned heritage.

Unfortunately one has been run up the wall – literally.

In this posting found on the Digital Corvettes forum by way of Motor Authority, the poster claims the 2014 Stingray is in much worse shape than the picture leads us to believe. Apparently it hit the guardrail before wedging itself against a cliff in Arizona

The Stingray appears to have Michigan manufacturer plates, which indicates it was a pre-production model out on a test run. Who was driving is at this time unclear. The driver could very well be a GM employee in the midst of some final test runs. What’s more likely, however, is some bigwig journalist got a bit too throttle-happy and committed the unthinkable.

Whomever the culprit, we solemnly shake our heads, for no car – not even a Corvette – deserves such a premature demise.