Flatbed Volkswagen ‘Fusca’ pickup truck concept rendering embraces visual dynamics, ignores mechanical viability

VW Fusca concept

What you see above are renderings of a flatbed Volkswagen Fusca pickup by Brazilian designer Danilo Andrade. Apparently, in Brazil, the Beetle is called the “Fusca,” and is as iconic there as it is across the globe.

While these renderings are virtually devoid of technology, something about it tugged at our heartstrings. We’re happy to see that – at least in Brazil – modern-day designers apparently aren’t at all confined by safety concerns or mechanical problems in their designs.

VW Fusca

What do we mean by that? Well, let’s ask for a moment where you think the engine in this flatbed micro truck is supposed to go, eh? Let’s for a moment also consider the crumple zone. That’d be – just like Volkswagen Buses of old – the passengers’ legs.

The design is rather quite evocative but also kind of useless from a utility standpoint. What would hold the cargo in the bed? We suspect Brazilian magic.

VW Fusca

We stumbled upon these clever renderings on Diseno Art. Diseno has featured other renderings by Andrade and while we’ve enjoyed them none quite grabbed us like this little German truck.

Sometimes you just need to ignore reality and design a utility-free retro VW pickup truck, we suppose.

Photo credit: Danilo Andrade