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Ford will screen potential buyers of its new GT supercar with an application process

If you’ve been sitting on your hundreds of thousands of dollars waiting to buy the all-new Ford GT, I have some unfortunate news: money may not be enough to get your hands on a copy of the new supercar.

A Reddit user has shared some information regarding how Ford will allocate its low-production Ford GT to dealers. In a memo, the American automaker outlined a unique ordering process that will begin early in 2016.

Potential customers will need to apply to buy (that’s fun to say), and Ford will prioritize applicants based on previous brand loyalty, including those who now own the previous generation GT. Though its decision to initiate the process is a bit presumptuous, there’s a fair chance Ford will have more than enough demand, necessitating such a review system. Additionally, this application process is common for exclusive brands like Ferrari when they release a new model.

For the lucky applicants who are hand-picked, they will complete the purchase through a Ford-certified dealer of their choice. Obviously, this means Ford hasn’t pre-selected dealers who will get to “stock” the new GT, because they will only get to sell it if a customer approaches them, order in hand.

This is uncharted territory for Ford, but then so is the proposed price tag for the new GT: somewhere in the ballpark of $350,000 — on a par with the Lamborghini Aventador and other ultra high-end supercars.

While the previous generation Ford GT appreciated dramatically over time, it’s unclear if the high price benchmark of the new generation will mean the supercar’s value will rise as intensely as before, or if it will maintain its stance in the market.

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