Horse of a different color: Build your perfect Mustang with Ford’s new customizer app

Not so long ago, when a buyer was imagining just how he or she could customize a new car, they would have to stare at a manufacturer brochure and simply imagine everything that could be, new wheels, big wings, and a slathering of shiny, custom paint. Thankfully, for us, Reagan is no longer president and we don’t have to rely solely on our imaginations (whatever that is) for would-be car customization. Enter Ford and its new Mustang Customizer app, which will allow prospective and current owners to spruce up their ‘Stang in the virtual realm.

Free for both Apple and Android devices, the app lets people mix and match all the available options on Ford’s brand new pony car … and even some that aren’t. When the app is downloaded, users can start customizing by choosing which model Mustang they desire: The V6, the newly-added Ecoboost option, or the GT, which packs the 5.0-liter Coyote V8 that produces 435 horsepower and 400 pound-feet of torque.

Ford Mustang Customizer App

The next screen presents a 3D rendering of the ‘Stang where users can move and examine with a simple drag of the finger. They can also hit specific points to begin swapping out parts like the hood, grille, and wheels, or access them from a side menu.

App users can even change the locations that the 3D car sits in, with more presumably on the way. Once they have the car they want configured, there’s a summary list that is accessible that gives a run down of the parts used that can be saved on a PDF and presented to a Ford dealer.

Once that’s done, app users who are particularly proud of their car can upload them to the community for judging, earning points towards the most popular configurations. There’s even a “race” section of the app that, as of this writing, prompts a “coming soon” message. Anyone interesting shopping for a Mustang will find this a useful tool, while anyone who are simply fans can enjoy a few minutes building the car of their dreams.

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