Ford to set up shop in Silicon Valley


Recently Ford announced it will make the trek out west and set up a research facility in Palo Alto, California.

The new Silicon Valley Lab will represent a brand new adventure for Ford. While the American automaker has similar research facilities across the globe, including Germany, China, and Israel, this will mark the first to be located on the West Coast.

“We’re delighted to announce that we’ve identified a location in downtown Palo Alto, a city that is clearly at the center of technological innovation,” said Paul Mascarenas, Ford’s chief technical officer and vice president of Research and Innovation.

According to Mascarenas, the new Silicon Valley Lab will  “help us innovate even faster as emerging ideas and technologies are a key part of the culture.”

The new lab will serve as a hub for independent technology projects, as well as provide an opportunity to develop and establish new research opportunities and partnerships along the West Coast. We hope this new endeavor translates to continued research and development into alternative fuel sources and exciting new technological applications in Ford cars.

While Ford is recruiting locally, it has also been recalling employees from its global team to make the switch to Silicon Valley. TJ Guili, a Ford Researcher and Stanford alumnus is one those members. Having relocated to Ford’s headquarters in Dearborn, Michigan, finds himself back in California to head up the establishment of the Lab.

With Ford’s new research facility going up in the summer, we don’t anticipate it will have any problems getting members of its team to make the switch from Dearborn to Palo Alto.