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Ford’s Edge gets the Aston Martin makeover … and can park itself

As far as family-friendly crossovers go, we’re big fans of the Ford Edge.

Sure, its MyFordTouch infotainment system can be a little buggy at times, but we have a hard time knocking its handsome design (have you seen the Sport model?), well-built interior, and enjoyable driving dynamics. Today, Ford pulled the sheets off the next-generation Ford Edge Concept, and we think this one’s going to be a knockout, too.

Though you can’t take a concept completely seriously, this one seems to be pretty close to production-ready. The new Edge wears the Aston Martin-inspired front end that we love so much on the Fusion sedan, but with decidedly boxier, tougher-looking lines. If the current Edge has been for Mom, this next model might appease Dad, too.

Ford’s biggest announcement with the Edge Concept comes with inclusion of a variety of safety technologies, including self-parking and obstacle avoidance systems.

According to Ford, the fully automated parking system can be engaged with the touch of a button inside the car, or even remotely. When parallel parking is necessary, the driver can push a button from within the cabin, and the Edge will find a space and steer itself into position. It’s a cool technology, but one we’ve seen before.

What we find particularly interesting here is that it works in reverse, too. For example, if you’re uneasy pulling your car out of a parallel space, you can trigger the system from your remote, and the car will pull itself back out of the space before your family re-enters the vehicle.

The Edge Concept also boasts an “obstacle avoidance” system, which watches the road ahead for imminent collisions. If the driver doesn’t react quickly enough to stopped or slow-moving obstacles, the Edge will be able to brake and steer to avoid impact.

In general, it sounds like the Edge is one of Ford’s first products to inherit features previously reserved for cars in the luxury segment, while also pioneering a few new safety technologies. It’s a cool concept, and we look forward to seeing what the production-version will have in store for us.

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