Forza Motorsport 4 expansion pack adds 30 Porsches to your virtual garage


Gamers, gearheads, and, more specifically, Porsche fans: if you were left saddened by the unfortunate absence of the iconic German sports car in Forza Motorsport 4 you may want to dry your eyes, rev your virtual engines, and mark your calendar for May 22. Why, you ask? Well, that’s the when Forza Motorsport 4 Porsche Expansion Pack lands on Xbox Live.

Okay, so that part about drying your eyes may have been tad bit premature, because those of you Season Pass holders won’t be getting this expansion for free — meaning you will need to shell out an additional 1,600 MS points or $19.99 for a chance to race these virtual Porsches.


No need to get your coolant hose in a twist, though. Season pass holders may feel hard done, but when it arrives Forza’s Porsche expansion pack extravaganza will not only feature a fleet of Stuttgart’s finest – adding a total of 30 new cars (seven of which will be completely new to the series) – but will feature 20 new events, give Xbox Live achievement seekers 10 additional challenges to go after, and add an all-new Rivals Mode based on Porsche cars alone. For those looking to keep count, the latest expansion pack brings the total number of vehicles (including downloadable content) to a staggering 625.

So why has it taken months after the games initial release to see a 911 or Cayman grace Turn 10’s motorsport masterpiece? Well, that’s simple actually. Electronic Arts, makers of numerous Need for Speed games, currently hold the video game licensing rights to Porsche, so companies looking to feature Porsche need to get permission from EA to include Porsche in their games. When it came to licensing Porsche out for Forza 4, the company declined — until now.


Come May, gamers itching for that, ahem, “need for speed” only a Porsche can give them would be wise not to miss out on the Porsche expansion pack, as the deal between EA and Turn 10 isn’t permanent.